A Little History of WWCDTC

Adapted and reprinted with permission from an article written by Elaine Shaw, WWCDTC member…

“If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.” ~Aristotle

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This is Our Story

edited March 2024

The Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club has discovered how to bark up the right tree for almost 49 years. But don’t be fooled, as this club has a lot of bite left in them.

It is important to note that in February 1975, Jeanne Sikora placed an ad in a local newspaper for persons interested in organizing a dog training club. The purpose was to be based in “a trained dog is a happy dog, resulting in a happy owner and happy neighbors.” The response to the ad was very good at the first “meeting” on March 6 in Jeanne’s driveway.  In addition to Jeanne and her son Keith, those present were Margaret Cass, Jim Southcott, Barbara Dressinger, Sue Feldstein, Sur Hingiss, Marlene Dawson, Sandy Nelson and Don Williquette, who demonstrated various obedience exercises with his Golden Retriever. Interest was high. On March 7 an organizational meeting was held at the Trackside Supper Club on Highway 18 in Wales to decide the time and place for dog obedience classes. Planned were puppy classes, basic obedience classes, and advanced show training for those desiring it. A following meeting at the Trackeside was held March 13 resulting in first officers and trainers being appointed.. The original name was to be “All-Breed Dog Training Club”, a non-profit service club for Waukesha County residents. To quote from an article written by Jeanne Sikora for the ten year anniversary booklet in 1985 (we are currently entering into our 49th year in 2024), “Born a success in 1975, the Club has never been anything but a success. The Club has always been in good hands, built by people who intended a lasting organization, and who intended to do it right from the first time. The members have always kept the Club orderly, organized, and stable as the framework and support for our training classes and all our activities. We’ve always has an ample supply of people who were concerned with the Club’s welfare, who wanted to give back and not just take, and in giving time and effort to the Club received even more satisfaction from their Club membership.”

Now after almost 49 consecutive years of existence, we are still in good hands and continue to be a success, running on the dedication of our officers and membership, and can be proud of our many accomplishments.