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2020 Obedience & Rally Class Schedule



6:30pm-7:15pm - Open (Obedience)

7:30pm-8:15pm - Novice (Obedience)


9:00am-9:45am - Rally (Adv/Ex/Mastr)

9:30am-10:15am - Novice (Obedience)

10:00am-10:45am - Rally (Novice/Intermed)​​

10:30am-11:15am - Open (Obedience)

​11:00am-11:45am - Beginner Open (Obedience)

11:30pm-12:15pm - Beg Novice (Obedience)

12:30pm-2:30pm - Utility Workshop (Obedience)


6:30pm-7:30pm - Rally (Excellent/Master)

7:00pm-7:45pm - Beg Novice (Obedience)

7:30pm-8:30pm - Rally (Nov/Intrmed/Adv)

8:00pm-8:45pm - Utility Workshop (Obedience)

2020 Session Dates:

Winter: Jan 7 - Mar 12 - Sign Up Open 11/06  Close 12/17
Spring: Mar 24 - May 21 -
Session cancelled due to COVID
Summer: Jun 2 - Aug 13 -
Session cancelled due to COVID
Fall: Sep 8 - Nov 12 - Sign Up Open 08/11 Close 08/31

Pre Utility

This class will prepare the handler to join the utility class. Hand signals, scent discrimination, go outs, directed jumping, glove retrieve, and moving stands are all introduced. Each exercise is broken down into small components, so that the handler has a complete understanding of the exercise.


This class is for handlers working towards their UD title. Teams work at various levels.  The standard utility exercises are practiced. Handlers finishing this highly skilled class will be able to prepare their dogs to show in the Utility ring and work towards their UD and UDX. This class may be offered as a class or as a workshop where handlers work on their own and assist each other.

Click here for more information on AKC Obedience.

Rally Class Information

In this class we will introduce you to the various signs and corresponding exercises used in rally competition.  We'll work on various course configurations to develop your comfort level with various transitions between exercises.  UKC signs will also be introduced. 

AKC Rally Competition allows a dog and handler team to work at its own pace, with the dog heeling at signs placed throughout the course.  Each sign contains an exercise illustrated with symbols.  In total there are 50 exercise signs that judges may use to design the courses, and the number of required exercise can increase with each level of competition.  “AKC Rally is a fun, low-stress way for people to enjoy their dogs," said Patricia Krause, associate vice president, Companion Dog Events.  "AKC Rally takes the average pet owner a step beyond Canine Good Citizen and basic obedience training and into the exciting world of AKC canine sports."

Click here for more information on AKC Rally.

Obedience & Rally Classes

Obedience Class Information

Our competition level obedience classes will help your dog become ring ready for any level of competition. Although these classes are geared to American Kennel Club (AKC) obedience trials, many people who don't compete with their dog enjoy taking these classes to develop increased control and a stronger bond with their dog

The Fall Session Obedience & Rally Classes start the week of Sep 7, 2020.

Advance registration is required. Classes are Tue & Thur evenings and Wed mornings. You must mail or email your new registration form to the class coordinator by Aug 31. Previous forms are not valid. No phone calls or texts, please!

Population in the building is limited, so no unregistered drop-ins.  Please read the August "Recall"  for details and special COVID procedures!

Beginner Novice

This is the foundation class for the competitive obedience and rally classes. Focus is on prompt attentive and technically correct responses to the obedience commands needed for the beginning competition  dog and handler. The figure eight is introduced along with correct heeling, sit for exam solid sit/down stays and recalls.


This class is for the owner who wants a very well behaved pet or has interest in showing in obedience trials. All ring procedures for the AKC Novice obedience class are practiced. Handler’s skills are enhanced . The technical aspects of footwork, hand positions  and verbal / hand signals are practiced. The recall, finish, figure eight, heeling, stand for exam, and 1-minute sit/down are all practiced in this class.

Beginner Open

This class perfects both on and off-lead heeling skills and introduces retrieving, drop on recall, jumping, command discrimination, and other skills required to join the open class.


All the standard exercises for the open class are practiced. Emphasis is on reliability regardless of distractions. Footwork, off-leash heeling, retrieving a dumbbell, jumping, the drop on recall, and the command discrimination exercise are practiced. This class prepares the handler to achieve the CDX.

Class Cost

$125 for one 10-week session.