Class Cost

$125 for one 10-week session, $200 for a punch card covering 2 consecutive 10-week class sessions ($50 savings). These cards must be used in two consecutive obedience sessions (for example summer and fall, or winter and spring) and only by the person who purchased it.

Advanced Workshop

The advanced workshop is an class without instructor where the students are expected to teach themselves. This class is for dogs who have a foundation in agility and/or handlers who are experienced instructors or experienced in competing in agility.

There are 4 class sessions a year; they coincide with obedience sessions.

For general questions about our agility program, please email

Click here for more information on AKC Agility.

Agility Classes

2023 Agility Class Info

10 week Agility class sessions (Novice to Advanced) coincide with Obedience and Rally class dates.
Anyone attending Wednesday evenings please arrive 5:30 - 6:00 pm.
Anyone attending Thursday mornings please arrive at your assigned time. 

Classes are held indoors during the winter, spring and fall sessions, they are held outdoors during the summer session. 

Guidelines for Agility Classes are the same as for all other classes:

Covid-19 guidelines will subject to change depending on the State, Local and National regulations

1. If you are feeling sick, have a fever, cough or are sneezing before leaving for the club, please sty home. If you have recently been in the presence of someone who has either tested positive for Covid- 19 or has the symptoms mentioned above, please stay home.

2. Masks and/or gloves are optional in the building, please maintain social distancing,

3. Hand sanitizer, wipes & disinfectant are available throughout the building.

4.  We follow AKC & UKC guidelines.

Agility Class

Agility Class session dates are the same as for the Obedience and Rally Classes with four 10 week sessions per year.


This class is designed for dogs and handlers who are just starting out in agility. You will learn the fundamentals of agility starting with jumps, obstacle introduction, beginner weave poles and beginning handling skills. There is an entrance test required to get into this class to show that the dog has a foundation of obedience prior to starting foundation agility.

Novice to Advanced

This class is designed for dogs and handlers who already have a foundation in agility, are familiar with the obstacles and jumps and are working toward running courses with their dogs. Distance handling, course reading and walking and advanced handling are all different skills developed in this class.

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